No document will be sent to you after purchasing. Receipt of purchase confirms right for commercial license you choose on the checkout page.

STANDART: Standart Purchase, gives you limited business use (1 project, up to 100 times) and and gives you personal usage. You can use purchased items to create 1 end product for sale(not more than 100 sales).

– *for direct print etc, for using the digital paper (pattern) designs as they are Commercial License is required.

– for your personal logo(for blog, shop, social media) you can use my graphics with Standart Purchase, if you create any design for a client or for sale (for profit) you must buy my digital product packs with a Commercial License.

COMMERCIAL LICENSE: for commercially use of any artwork, 1project, unlimited times business uses of the artwork. One license applies for one pack. The Commercial License gives you the right to use a single digital product pack -in a commercial project for a client, for profit with the agreement of the terms of use. Also allows using the digital paper packs as they are- for direct printing, etc. Each Commercial License applies to one(1)- Single pack either clip art, digital papers pack or any other digital graphic pack from GunesLili. Suitable for sticker shops, fabric printing, pod , etc.

Royalty Free: means you pay a one-time fee in exchange for the right to use a right to use copyright material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use. You do not need to pay for any commercial license for this packs. You can use for your personal or commercial usage.


by purchasing or downloading any digital product from Guneslili you agree to my Terms of Use.



    •  You may not claim my designs as your own.
    •  You may not resell, share, redistribute or resold the original files.
    •  You may not resell my digital files as its own, even if you purchased any license.
    •  You can not sell with minor changes.
    •  Reselling my artwork as digital templates/resources such as clip arts, digital papers is not allowed.
    • Please display your image on your web site at a low resolution (72 dpi or below). Images that are displayed at the full size will need to be taken down and resized.
    • You can create printed planner stickers, cards, fabrics, planner covers, backdrop, web design, branding etc.
    • Final design must consist of not more than 75% of the artwork with the rest consisting of your own input additional graphic elements. Exception to the rule is fabric, backdrops, mugs, phonecases which can be printed as is with basic license.
    • You can create personalized digitals (with significant changes) e.g: planner stickers, cards, logos, fabrics, planner covers, backdrop, blog design, branding etc,


Please Note
• Colors may vary slightly due to different color monitors.
• You’ll receive a .zip file that will be available to download immediately. To extract the files, you need have a special programs like WinZip/WinRar on your computer. If you don’t know how to open .zip files; you could get your digital files by email. Just contact me.
• You can use my products best on a computer or laptop. On mobile devices such as iPad or other tablets, you need a special software to unzip and edit these files. On smartphone it can not be downloaded and managed, unless the device specifications state otherwise.
• The cliparts are hand drawn and painted by me, so they’re original artworks!Please contact me in case you see them to be used irregular, to be re-sold or offered for free as they are, or to be announced as someone else’s work.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, I am happy to help!

Thank you,